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  Infant Protection Charm

The Elpas Infant Protection Charm is an ankle worn Active RFID Tag that provides abduction and mother-baby mismatch deterrence for infants in maternity and neonatal departments from time of birth until discharge.

The Charm is comprised of a reusable Active RFID Tag with a disposable size-adjustable, tamper-resistant anklet band made from safe baby friendly materials. The bracelet transmits real-time location data so that a host RTLS application can know the whereabouts, movement and status of the protected infant.

When used with an Elpas Mother bracelet, the Charm provides verification that no inadvertent switch has taken place. With a press of a button on the Mother tag, the Charm light turns green, indicating the veracity of the Baby/Mother match.
The Charm features anti-tamper detection to alert if an attempt is made to remove the bracelet.  The Charm supports near exit alerting to guard against unauthorized departmental transfers and to assist in enforcing infant escort policies.

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  • Dual-tech RTLS signaling technologies
  • Small attractive charm, Soft comfortable band
  • Supports hospital-wide location monitoring
  • Baby/Mother match verification light
  • Anti-tamper detection
  • Automatic device supervision
  • Disposable,soft, anti-tamper anklet band
  • LED status indicators
  • Safe, simple to use, hypoallergenic, easy to clean
  • Two year average battery life
  • Hospital proven form factor (IP67)
  • CE, FCC, IC, UL compliant
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