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  Asset Management Solution
The Elpas Asset Management Solution is designed to supplement the traditional security measures already deployed to reduce shrinkage of critical high-value mobile medical assets. Elpas does this by capturing real-time location, time/date and motion information about the protected asset and then alerting security  when illicit asset tampering or unauthorized asset movement is detected.

Due to the ease of implementation, Elpas Active RFID/RTLS Asset Protection Solution is the most cost-effective way to protect thousands of medical assets in challenging, indoor/outdoor medical environments.

Elpas Asst Management Solution can be cost-effectively scaled to enable different levels of real-time location visibility and security: from zonal to room level, to sub-room level accuracy. Elpas solution utilize battery-powered, triple-technology RF/IR/LF tags affixed to the assets that are to be protected and a fixed Ethernet/Wi-Fi compatible infrastructure comprised of RTLS RF Readers, IR Readers and LF Exciters strategically installed throughout the facility all managed by Eiris Visibility & Security software.

Eiris client stations display the real-time locations of the vulnerable assets requiring first-responder assistance, graphically overlaid on the relevant floor plans and provide interactive screens for managing the lifecycle of the received asset alert. Eiris also supports robust ‘Alert Notification Options’ that delivers the correct alert, 24hrs-a-day to the right security responder no matter where the security person happens to be.

The Elpas Asset Management Solution can also facilitate the rapid location and status check of medical assets in need of preventative maintenance or servicing. In many cases equipment is not maintained on time since assets cannot be found, leading to non compliance and quality of care issues. With Elpas any tagged equipment throughout the hospital campus can be located according to preventive maintenance pickup schedules, and automated maintenance alerts can also include equipment location and status.

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