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  Lone Worker Duress Call
Elpas Lone Worker Duress Call uses real-time location based security monitoring to help protect staff members in high-risk work environments that may become incapacitated due to attack or suffer loss of consciousness due to injury.

Elpas Lone Worker Duress Call provides manual activated duress alerting, man-down alarms plus preset no response alarms that are ideal for protecting staff members working alone in remote building areas.

Then as security needs evolve, Elpas Lone Worker Protection can scale to cover new indoor buildings areas or protect additional staff members.

Elpas Lone Worker Duress Call can also be cost-effectively leveraged to provide wireless art protection or environmental monitoring as well as help to improve inventory handling and logistics without degradation to its core duress call functionality.

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  • Highly Scalable Badge Capacity
  • Advanced System Supervision
  • Real-time Location Visibility
  • Multiple Alert Notification Methods
  • Location Based Logic
  • Incident Reporting
  • Backend Integration
  • Easy-to-Use Software
  • CE,FCC, IC compliant
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